Portrait FAQ


A few of the more common questions I get asked about Portraits

Where will we have our shoot? Normally anywhere you feel comfortable. I can bring a backdrop and lights to your house or any other location you wish.

Can I have a full Studio shoot? Absolutely, there are a number of studios I can hire in the area and I will suggest one once we have talked over what you are looking for. If we do hire a studio it will cost an extra £50 for the 2 hours.

Can I bring a friend or partner? Yes absolutely. They can help carry or just watch and encourage as they choose.

Do you charge any extra for more than 1 person? No I can shoot 1 person, a couple, family group just the same.

Does the price include retouching and post production? Yes. The enlargement you choose will have any post production applied by me and then printed by a professional lab to the highest standard. Any additional prints that you order from my website are also finished by me before being sent to the lab. This is included in the price of the print.

Is there a contract I have to sign? Yes. I have a simple contract which lets us both know who will do what. It also means we are then in a contract which keeps my insurance happy.

Do you keep the photos? What happens if I want to order more later? I keep multiple backups of the original files for a minimum of 1 year in secure backed up storage. After 1 year I may dispose of them although I do normally keep 1 copy.

Please ask if you have any other questions.

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