Wedding FAQ


A few of the more common questions I get asked about Weddings

When do we need to pay you? As soon as you have decided that you want me to take your wedding photos you need to pay a 25% deposit to hold the date. This means I will not accept any other bookings on that day. You need to pay the balance at least 2 weeks before the date.

What happens if the date changes? The deposit is normally none refundable. However, if the date has been moved sooner and I am able cover your new date I do not charge it again. If you postpone or cancel your wedding please let me know and I will try to get another booking for that day. If I can get another booking I will give you a refund.

What other information do you need from us? Quite a lot actually but don’t worry I have written a booklet which explains it all and why I ask for it. In short – details and contacts for you both, parents if they are helping to organise, the venue and any other suppliers you may have eg florist as I’m sure you want great shots of the decorations they have made for you. If you ask me to cover the Bridal Prep as well I’ll need to speak to the make up artist also.

Do you meet us before the day? Again I always try to sit down with you before the day to make sure you are happy with the plans and shots. I don’t want to be a stranger on your big day! If you have booked the Full Package I will already have done your engagement shoot so we will definitely be friends!

What about albums? Some couples prefer not to have a traditional album and instead show the shots online. I personally believe you cannot beat a good photo album both for style and permanence. This is always something that I can do for you afterwards and I believe planning the album together after you get back from honeymoon just gives the wedding euphoria an extra boost!

What about the photos? When do we get them? Normally I will have the photos initially ready within 1 week. I post these onto a gallery on my website and send you the link and password which you can pass on to all your guests. Anyone wanting to order prints can do so directly from this website and I do the final post production on each print as they are ordered according to the size required. This means I can avoid retouching every single print (and avoid charging you for) and work to make the ones ordered absolutely perfect. Finally, the prints are processed by a professional lab only after I have asked them to make test prints and checked those test images against my colour calibrated monitor. I like that to be right!

Does the price include retouching and post production? Yes. The enlargement you choose will have any post production applied by me and then printed by a professional lab to the highest standard. Any additional prints that you order from my website are also finished by me before being sent to the lab. This is included in the price of the print.

Is there a contract I have to sign? Yes. I have a simple contract which lets us both know who will do what. It also means we are then in a contract which keeps my insurance happy.

Do you keep the photos? What happens if I want to order more later? I keep multiple backups of the original files for a minimum of 1 year in secure backed up storage. After 1 year I may dispose of them although I do normally keep 1 copy.

Please ask if you have any other questions.

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